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Since 1984, Daphne Houze has served the Lawrenceburg, Indiana area with effective physical therapy and sports medicine treatment. Today, at Proactive Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, she helps patients to recover from debilitating injuries. As a licensed physical therapist, Daphne works closely with patients to relieve pain, restore lost functionality, and generally improve the orthopedic health.

Expert Physical Therapy

treats all manner of orthopedic, sports, and industrial injuries. No matter where or how you were injured, our physical therapist is prepared to provide the treatment you need. Musculoskeletal injuries can result in a marked change in a patient's quality of life and the goal of our physical therapy clinic is to ease pain and make the path to recovery and health as smooth as possible.

Our Location

Proactive Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine is conveniently located on US 50 behind the Wendy's. We provide professional physical therapy services in an area that is very easy to access. If injuries make moving around generally difficult, our location should be some relief.

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You should seek care for a serious injury as soon as possible. Call 812-537-4540 today to schedule an appointment with our physical therapy and put yourself on the road to recovery.